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Crypto Currency

What is crypto currency?
Applications of blockchains
Understanding crypto market basics


The inspirations of Bitcoin

Series 1: How does Bitcoin Work?

(1) What is public key cryptography and how does it relate to Bitcoin?
(2) What is a blockchain?
(3) Mining in crypto currency and Bitcoin
(4) Interesting facts about Bitcoin

 Series 2: Getting started with crypto currency and Bitcoin

(1) What types of Bitcoin wallets are available and which should I choose?
(2) How to get crypto currency and Bitcoin
(3) So how do I actually purchase crypto currency and Bitcoin?
(4) Setting up a mobile Bitcoin wallet using Breadwallet
(5) How do Bitcoin fees work?
(6) Scaling Bitcoin: the block size debate


What is an altcoin?


What is Ethereum?
A guide to Ethereum Wallets
Setting up a Parity Ethereum Wallet

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